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Coffee Valve LP01P (square)

Coffee Valve LP01P (square)

Product Advantages

It is easy to install on a variety of food packages

The amount of plastic used is 60% less than that of ordinary valves

It can be directly contacted with food according to US and European guidelines


Size: 20mm x 20mm

Height: 0.5mm ± 0.2

Color: Transparent

Material: PET

Weight: 0.5g

Type: Label Type

Opening Pressure: 5 mbar

Paste Power Up To: 22N / 25MM

Air Flow: 1-1.3 L/min at 6 mbar

Guarantee: A perfect performance of the valve is guaranteed for 3 years

Application Range

Coffee Beans

Cat/Dog Feed, Cattle/Horse Feed, Chicken/Fish Feed, Shrimp Feed, Pet Feed

Battery Anode Martial

Other Solid Products


QTY - 30,000 PCS/CTN (2000pcs in one pack)

MEAS - 350 x 200 x 240 mm

N.W. - 8.10 KG/PCS

G.W. - 8.43 KG/CTN

Coffee Valve

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